Ditch the caffeine for a gentle, plant-based alternative

Natural, plant-based supplements that offer all-day mental and physical energy without relying on caffeine or prescriptions.

Are you tired of relying on prescriptions & caffeine to get you through the day?

Millions of busy, high-achieving people rely on unhealthy, expensive, addictive stimulants to get them through the day.

TropicBotanicals offers an alternative. Our natural, plant-based supplements offer sustained mental and physical energy without the excessive cost and negative side-effects of old school stimulants.

An easy supplement that lasts all day.

Increase Energy

Experience steady energy without relying on coffee or prescription stimulants.

Save Money

Stop wasting money on expensive prescriptions and 5 dollar coffees.

Live a Healthier Lifestyle

Live a healthier lifestyle with our all-natural, single-ingredient supplements.

Vibrant focus with single-ingredient supplements

As a busy career professional with ADD, I understand how it feels to rely on stimulants to function at my best. In fact, I took them for years and loved the focus, energy, and increased productivity.

But there was a downside.

Not only was I spending tons of money on pills and daily coffees, I was also wasting money on doctor checkups to monitor my meds. And even worse, I was addicted to the false sense of energy these chemical stimulants provided.

But…I felt like I couldn’t function without them.

Before creating Tropic Botanicals, I felt like I needed stimulants to get through the day. But I often found myself crashing as the medication wore off, leaving me more tired and run down than before.

I hated this feeling.

I wanted to create something natural that made me feel good – not drugged.

Tropic Botanicals offers a fresh approach to gaining clean energy and vibrant focus with single-ingredient supplements.

Our Products

Available in capsule and powder form. The capsules can easily be taken once or throughout the day. The powder can be added to smoothies or made into a tea.

Starting at $35


Good for an energy boost and vitality when you need it.

Starting at $35


Best for nighttime and relaxation.

Starting at $35

Super You

Gentle stimulation, good for uplifting mood and boosting concentration.

What People are Saying

“Skip the coffee and get through my day, without the jitters.”

Vitality has been a great addition to my everyday routine. Taking one mid morning allows me to skip the coffee and get through my day, without the jitters and crash that comes along with too much caffeine.



“Stopped taking antidepressants & anxiety meds”

These supplements have allowed me to stop taking antidepressants and anxiety meds. I am physically and mentally healthier than I have ever been. It has been life changing for me!


“Subtle and long lasting”

I used to take prescription meds for ADD but got tired of the negative side effects, and the cost. I now take the “Super You” and/or “Vitality” on a daily basis and they have worked so well on my focus and energy levels. They are very subtle and long lasting.


How It Works


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Select one of our plant-based, single-ingredient supplements.


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See Results!

Enjoy clean energy, focus, and motivation without the downsides of old-school stimulants.

The boost you want – without the side effects.

At Tropic Botanicals, we know you care deeply about living your best life, not only for yourself, but also for the important people in your life. After all, when you feel your best, you can offer your best.

But life in our fast paced world often requires energy and attention that’s often in short supply. The result is a reliance on unnatural, addictive chemical stimulants just to get through another day.

We understand desiring a little boost without the expense and side effects of standard stimulants. That’s why we developed Tropic Botanicals supplements—to offer you a single-ingredient, plant-based, natural energy product that doesn’t have side effects.

I’ve been in the natural health industry for years but didn’t like how other companies handled customer service and product quality—so I started my own. I care deeply about offering my customers superior supplements that will genuinely improve their quality of life. My products are easy accessible, plant-based, all-natural, and—best of all—actually work.

Gain clean energy and vibrant focus with single-ingredient supplements.